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Frank Rogers Day was a native Mississippian who was a leader in philanthropy and finance. He grew up in Aberdeen, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi. After completing service in the United States Army, he began his banking career with First National Bank of Jackson, predecessor to Trustmark National Bank. His rise through the ranks at the bank was compared to a buck private becoming commander-in-chief. 


The bank experienced extraordinary growth during his seventeen-year tenure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He led in the acquisition of fifteen other financial institutions to make Trustmark the largest bank in the state. He retired as Chairman of the Board of Trustmark National Corporation in February, 1999, and died in December of that year. He was widely recognized for his commitment to excellence in banking.


Frank Day was a philanthropist who preferred his contributions to be anonymous. He gave to needy individuals, worthy institutions, and organizations that addressed community necessities. In 1978 he established the Luckyday Foundation, which has a primary focus of providing college scholarships to Mississippi residents.


The Luckyday Foundation continues Frank Day’s legacy by funding the Luckyday Scholars Programs at the University of Mississippi, The University of Southern Mississippi, and Mississippi State University. In addition to supporting each student with $24,000 in scholarship aid over four years, the programs provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, connection to a robust community of scholars, significant service experiences, and intentional leadership development. To date, thousands of Mississippi students have benefitted from the support offered through the Luckyday Scholars Program.

The Luckyday Foundation’s vision is to create a community of scholars who aspire to servant leadership through focusing on and integrating the Luckyday Foundation’s core values of scholarship, community, service, and leadership. These four values are woven into the Luckyday experience by creating access to these three universities, providing academic development and support, building thriving communities, and serving and leading on campus and in wider communities. The program’s holistic approach provides life-changing opportunities of discovery and growth for Luckyday Scholars.

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